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I want to vote, but where?

WhereUVote isn't just an app for Android and iPhone, it's a service for counties to provide voters with the information they want about any kind of upcoming election. This demo shows you an example of what voters can see and do.

Voters can easily:
  • Check if any early voting locations are currently open
  • View a calendar of upcoming early voting dates
  • Find their election day polling place - even county wide vote centers
  • See maps and get directions to polling places
  • Create calendar reminders for voting early
  • Contact you by email, phone or visiting the office

It's easy to get started and manage: Your county just provides election data in state standard format and early voting information and we do the rest!
We welcome customizations and changes to make this the best app for your county! Customizations like:
  • Show sample ballot for any voter
  • List elected officials and contact information for any voter

WhereUVote in the News:
If you want to talk to your county election officials about getting this app for your next election, click here

Email us for details on how you could get WhereUVote for your county.
Quick Check
Because no one likes waiting in line

Everyone hates standing in long lines. Even worse is when you get to the front of a long line and find out it's the wrong line. Don't let your voters go through that on election day. Precinct officials can run Voter Quick Check on a 10" tablet and tell each voter in line if they're registered and if they're at the right location to vote, so voters don't get to the front of the line and discover they can't even vote there. Reduce voter frustration and save everyone time. Voter Quick Check allows many search options:
  • Check if the voter is at the right polling place by checking their address
  • Check if the voter is registered to vote in your county by checking their name or date of birth
  • Check if the voter is in the felon registry by checking their name or date of birth
Election departments can also set:
  • A phone number to display to precinct officials to call for help
  • The name and type of the election
  • The date of the election
In the full application, you can also:
  • Import voter data from the State
  • Share database between devices wirelessly
  • Export database for later use or for transferring to isolated polling place
This application is currently customized for use in Iowa on a 10" tablet, but customization requests are encouraged. Please contact Evil Twin Software for more information about using the production version and any other questions.
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Your clients: customers, employees, voters, etc, use apps all the time. Yours should be one of them
  • For your customers:
    • Loyalty program without another card to carry
    • Easy notification of sales and deals
    • Keeps your business in their mind every time they use their phone
  • For your employees:
    • Less paper work means more work getting done
    • Information they need is always in their hands
    • Real time data at your back end
  • For your voters:
    • Empower voters to vote on their schedule for higher voter turn out
    • Attract a broader range of voters
    • Provide a truly unbiased source of election information

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